Before heading to the Casino to collect your winnings, it is a good idea to practice. Two useful websites for this have been selected below – “Hit or Stand” and “Blackjack Trainer” Of course, you can practice with a friend, but these interactive games can be more fun and practicing alone is best since you will be alone at the table – making your own decisions. Once you receive the information you can place the material beside you and work until you have it “memorized.”



Click Here To Practice “Hit or Stand”

We recommend not using the “play for real” button – use this for practice only. When you play for real you want to be in a real casino with real dealers and real cards. You probably know that on-line games use a virtual full deck each time a new hand is dealt. This practice website will give advice sometimes, but use your “Blackjack Made Easy” Strategy. You need to practice the Blackjack Made Easy strategy. The practice sites are not meaningful because of the use a virtual deck of cards and we know that the number of decks is a significant factor in the solution. There is no strategy for winning with a virtual deck. Your practice needs to consist of observing your hand and the



 Click Here To Practice “Blackjack Trainer”

The following is a typical “Blackjack Strategy” and will slightly improve your odds, but will still on the average only help you to lose less. The house still wins! Of course, there is luck in Blackjack both good and bad. Statistically, you still lose. My advice for blackjack gamblers if you get ahead – QUIT. Of course, with the “Blackjack Made Easy” Strategy you will substantially improve your outcome.