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Live Gold Stripe Clams x 1/2/3/5 Freshwater Aquatic Aquarium Fish Tank (TO061) £4.25 to £16.75. This has led to a decline in their population. Did I kill it? Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes: 09-28-2015, 02:48 PM #1 LVKSPlantlady. You would have to have a kick-butt filtration system set up. x. just grinded up fish flake.. i read up and it said that was ok for them .. is that right ? Their importance to the environment in the form of filtering water is precious. Freshwater bivalves are one kind of freshwater molluscs, along with freshwater snails.They are bivalves which live in freshwater, as opposed to saltwater, the main habitat type for bivalves. They also filter out tiny creatures from the water. They have an open circulatory system (body organs are surrounded by fluids that contain oxygen and other nutrients). Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. The reason why people often wonder if freshwater clams are actually edible is because clams are “filter feeders”. Turtles are devious little devils! :O. Two species may be present in some introduced populations: C. fluminea and C. fluminalis. This means that they are constantly ingesting the water around them while filtering out any substances found there, including pollutants and toxins. The aquarium must consist of a quality external filter and at least ¼ inch of gravel, as clams cannot last long without the substratum. and the fish to make the tank dirty and the clams eat it? Like other freshwater clams, an Asian Gold Clam is peaceful in disposition, content to find a spot to feed, and remain there for days on end.. The Freshwater Clam is a living filter that helps keep aquarium water clear and clean. And if so can I just pick him up and move him and add more sand and put him back. I have hard water and zero ammonnia and nitrites, however I have high nitrates in the region of 70ppm which I attribute to my plants dying due to predators like birds and even snails! Get the best deals on Clam Live Aquarium Invertebrates when you shop the largest online selection at If growth is happening and continues, the clams are feeding properly. They really like tiny foods so if the crushed flakes are too big they wont eat them. Might carry a parasite or disease though. Freshwater mussels, freshwater bivalves, and marine bivalves fall under the category of clams. This picture shows a Freshwater Clam. In a sense, they are filterers, just not the kind many pet stores market them as; clams are filter feeders, not filters. Along with being a food source, some species were also used for making ornaments and buttons by using their shells in the olden days. They are pretty nasty fish in the tank mate personality department. typically buries itself in the substrate. They also eat small animals, small plants, and bacteria. Clams have always fascinated me--I can remember keeping them as a child. A freshwater clam needs the right environment to thrive. Watch. Click on a picture below to shop and learn more about that item. I'm almost positive the convicts would harass your clams to death though. or Best Offer. But there are many invertebrate species for your freshwater aquarium including freshwater lobsters, freshwater shrimp, ornamental snails, and freshwater clams. how much substrate do you need to keep calms and will they destroy plants? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 100 Live Freshwater Clams Clear Water Algae Control Koi Pond Aquarium Mussels at the best online prices at … The longest living specimen, belonging to the species. I just bought 2 calms, the small one buried himself immediately and the large one about 48 hours after being put in the tank. your password Clams (bivalves) are wonderful additions to the aquarium. so your clams recipe is real meat ?? also I don't allow my water to be "sparkley" clean, it isn't filthy but if a very small amount of particles are swirling around , it will also provide food for her.I have also learned that if I place a piece of moss over the back half of her shell and being placed where the water current flows at her, she doesn't move around ...which also tells me she is eating well and content in the tank. Question: My turtle got his toe stuck in my freshwater clam, how do I get it unstuck without hurting the clam?! These creatures are found in many places on the earth, but their highest concentrations are in the US. The one species you are likely to find is Corbicula fluminea. Thus, efforts must be made to save them from becoming extinct. This is where they will live. They prefer areas that have floors containing sand or silt, in which they can bury themselves. They store the fertilized eggs in a brood pouch and give birth to young ones with shells. What is the best type of water for keeping clams? The larvae then have to attach themselves to some specific species of fish for a certain amount of time as parasites. £3.25 postage. The turtles may eat the clams though. I have kept freshwater clams in my biggest aquarium. They are also considered as a delicacy in some places. Does he need more sand? Look really closely at the substrate--you can usually see their little tubes sticking up, filtering the water. I was told that they are bottom feeders and the eat left over food. It would be like two small, pulsating holes in the sand. I have 6 convicts and 4 brisstlenoses 2 rainbow sharks a golden shark a green terror a ghost knife and a yabbie. Also known as the "Asian clam". I recently saw a snail opened up halfway and a few snails and some kind of worm feeding on it. They are heavy, thick and can grow quit large. They eat microscopic particles which they get from the water, not from the soil. Normal clams are quick to action. In the wild, freshwater clams are found adequately in freshwater sources like ponds, lakes, and rivers. what do freshwater clams eat. If you harvest them from the lake or river be sure to quatentine and soak them for at least three days in antibiotics to kill and germs and disease that they could spread to you other fish. This species is a filter feeder; it will clean the water of tiny particles. In most home aquariums, there are not enough proper suspended particles throughout the water in order to sustain the bivalve’s life. If you have a small air pump, you can keep them in a large bowl of tank water. The Freshwater Clam is a living filter that helps keep aquarium water clear and clean. When it comes to keeping them in an aquarium, there are various types from which you can choose. Freshwater Clam for Sale Click here for information and advice about how to keep and care for Fresh Water Clams. Log into your account. Under the right conditions, they can be an interesting conversation piece in an established tank. Also - what do you find to be the best temperature?b I have read some things that suggest a cooler temperature is better. Thanks! I have had a clam for about a year now...I put her where the water current flows at her and feed her algae wafers . Pete’s Aquariums & Fish is your #1 source for online and in-store sales of an array of Clams. LiveAquaria is the largest online shop for all of your fish needs. That way the ammonia spike isn't so harsh. They have no eyes, ears, or noses; thus, they have no sense of hearing, vision, or smell. If a few died at the same time, you have enough water to probably handle it. It is best not to combine these creatures with carnivorous pet fish as they might get hurt and eaten. To keep clams contained in the aquarium place them in a single serve applesauce container. Yes these are amall clams. *Algae powders can be purchased at various stores online, Ebay, or even at your local pet shop. Isadora (author) from Tennessee on March 11, 2012: The cloudiness may be a bacterial bloom. It then wedges its way down into the substrate. Fill the containers with a fine substrate such as sand. Clams are rated high as a food item for their soft shells and delicious meat. Clams are excellent to keep in an aquarium because they feed on suspended matter and microorganisms greatly improving the quality and the clarity of the water. You can do natural filtration or mechanical. Isadora (author) from Tennessee on September 21, 2011: I would check them daily or at least every two days. They should be watched carefully preferably in a quarantine tank until observed acting normally. Isadora (author) from Tennessee on November 06, 2011: Steve Andrews from Tenerife on November 06, 2011: Isadora (author) from Tennessee on October 28, 2011: That much bioload may kill your clams. Three or four small clams can be housed per container. Those in the aquarium trade are usually cultured. @Darlene, when introducing the clam to the aquarium lay it on the substrate and when it feels safe (is not disturbed for a little bit) it opens up and uses a "foot" (looks like a white or pink tongue) to upright itself and feel its way into the substrate. Many different species inhabit Ontario’s lakes and rivers and were eaten for centuries by First Nations peoples, particularly when game was scarce. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. You can just keep checking them everyday, a couple of times a day to make sure they aren't dead. In a heavily planted tank, this can mean days of hard work tearing out and replanting uprooted plants. They will help to keep the substrate aerated/turned though! All Clams have two calcareous shells or valves joined near a hinge with a flexible ligament, and all are filter feeders. I guess this is how a normal eco. Because you cannot disinfect sand and out it in your aquarium, you'll need some from the pet or hardware store. Good luck. My husband added tap water to my tank and it killed ALL of my clams within hours. So to lay them on substance side , that's the side with the 2 holes on it ?? Their clams live for at times several months until the day they are ultimately found dead. Was down to 2 then another one showed up magically. typically buries itself in the substrate. Freshwater Invert Discussion. Its pricey when buying the ingredients but they last a long time. I'd leave them alone. Does it take them a while to acclimate and get going? Clams that refuse to close their shells are dead, dying or injured. At the Pet store they show the clams position up straight and mine is not its laying like a clam, is that normal? Poke holes throughout the container to aid in water flow through the sand. Customs services and international tracking provided. I just added two clams to my tank and it's not something I've ever looked up really and the pet shop couldn't tell me much either but I like things that are different. I've had things die in my ponds and the fish did fine. Some small species of clams reach only to a size of 3 mm as adults. Senior Member . These animals are now a vulnerable and threatened species due to their loss of habitat, use as a source of meat, and also due to a fall in number of the species that they depend upon. Aquarium Needs for Freshwater Clams. thanks for the info, I just got a bunch of clams the size of my finger, I'm not sure how big they grow I got them on a river, I wonder if they are safe to put with a goldfish? I am a black water diver by trade of nearly 20 years. The only diving I ever did was the kind where you hold your breath and hope you don't land on a gator! Aquarium Supplies, Equipment, and livestock in Canada. Please call or click today for more information. Do the. Never keep any of the invertebrates including the clams inside the fish tank while you are medicating it with any antibiotic. Consider subscribing and hitting the bell! Comments: These are Clams that we rarely see in live fish stores or in the online stores that we visit. My tank was cycling because I had just done a big water change and also added new fish. they tear the food pellets when they eat and it gets everywhere. They are known to sit still with their shell closed, so you may think that they are dead. Do they actually stay in a container with holes put in the substrate? what happens when you find a lake water clam or mussle. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. The problem I ran into was that clames are filter feeders and it was impossible for me to keep enough infusoria circulating in the aquarium water to feed them, so they starved to death eventually. Or only $17.99 to Southern California. They filter their food out of the water. From sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rock to premium aquarium supplies, food, and equipment. These are all freshwater clams. I was so upset. Freshwater Bivalves Bivalves are a very useful and fascinating addition to the freshwater aquarium. Could someone give me suggestions about the daily living habit of a clam ?? Lord only knows what chemicals they might have eaten. Undue to popular belief, they are not difficult to keep successfully in a properly maintained and aged home aquarium. *Mine do eat small particles of fish food but it may be difficult to get enough food for them crushed into small enough particles. Normally, a ten-gallon fish tank is sufficient for them. Freshwater clams do not clean their environment as many people claim. $9.00 to $23.00. The Care of Freshwater Clams Next to toxic aquarium water (ammonia and the like), the feeding of freshwater clams has been their demise in aquarium culture. You could probably make fish food outta them though. Well, freshwater clams (and most saltwater clams as well) are filterfeeders. They carry diseases that probably aren't in your tank, this is bad for your Jack Dempsey. Just got two clams one died you were really helpful, I have clams and they’ve got this like white stuff coming off of their shells there cleaning my tank pretty nicely the algae starting to dissipate and I do you feed them more algae with a dropper so I can like feed by squirting some in instead of just pouring a lot of algae In but what is the stuff comming off there shells I also have calcium rock soaking in the container I put the food in so I can have calcium for them too what’s going on with them. I'm not sure what to tell you other than keep your eye on them and yank them out if they die. One of my clams is fully open and ive had him only for a couple days. However, they do have other important functioning organs including kidneys, a mouth, and a heart. But the other i put in i left on top of some sandy gravel and the next morning i use my net and find him burried and now i cant find him anymore (i assume he dug a tunnel) but anyway its my first time with clams and im at least happy. They do not remove nitrate and ammonia. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Live Cold Hardy Freshwater Clams Mussels for bio filter beta aquarium koi pond . $7.50 shipping. I believe goldfish like hard water, so they would work with the clams preference in water hardness. So remember, freshwater clams are edible, but they can also be toxic. I've got a fair few fish and don't want to risk any. Ponds, canals, lakes, rivers, and swamps, are the most common natural habitat of these bivalves Adding Freshwater Clams to Your Aquarium Tropical fish owners are always looking for ways to keep the environment within their fish tanks clean and healthy. I ac not smell them due to bad cold. I could make a meal of clam spaghetti out of them! To take care of a live freshwater clam, place it in an aquarium with about 4 inches of a sandy substrate. typically buries itself in the substrate. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. However, there is a way around this. 17 Toledo Goldfish Live Crayfish for Ponds, Aquariums or Tanks – USA Born and Raised – Live Arrival Guarantee (25 Count) 4.5 out of 5 stars 165 Check Out Pet Care Plus. :-)) I love those little guys!!! The brown is peeling off allthough. I’m not suggesting to go out and buy a clam as a quick fix for a nitrate problem, but clams can help a well-functioning reef function even better. kinda looking around the web for info like, preferred ph, substrate type ( I keep aragonite in my tank and suspect that it may be a bit sharp for their lil foot) preferred temp , water hardness so on... any help would be appriciated. Clams are sensitive to their environment and ammonia can be particularly deadly. and wat shall i do about the cloudyness.. will that clear on its own ?.. Freshwater Aquarium Topics. In captivity, they require aquariums with sandy or similar substrates for burrowing. Clams are made up of a pair of shells, known as valves, that are equal in size and cover the creature completely. They are particularly handy when breeding fish, they are harmless to fry and while they improve the water quality. Like most invertebrates, freshwater clams are sensitive to sudden changes in tank parameters and they will not tolerate any kind of copper-based medication. The question is, if I brought down the nitrate to more acceptable levels, 20-30ppm, would it affect the clams? Some move across the bottom looking for food. is that okay ? They really do eat a lot and constantly! The eggs fertilize in her gills, after which the larvae are released into the water. i unboxed a freshwater clam for my aquarium! All Clams have two calcareous shells or valves joined near a hinge with a flexible ligament, and all are filter feeders. An Asian Gold Clam can be a unique and interesting conversation piece in a freshwater aquarium. I recently went fishing with a friend and i caught a perch a bluegill and 2 clams. They are all alive, but only about 4-5 have buried themselves. No visible growth may mean they are starving. Please call or click today to find your next aquarium tank addition. They are animals—not plants. They are diligent filter feeders that constantly skim particulate matter from the water column, and their only major requirements are the presence of a constant food … What do i do? i found a clam in a pond and put it in my fish tank with my jack dempsey. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. i just got 2 clams .. there are both just sat on the sand .. ive had them about 2 days .. havnt noticed a change in them .. they are both just sat on 1 side of there shell.. are they ment to do anythin .. do they open ? However, spotting its siphon protrude from the substrate is truly captivating to observe. Make sure you only use dechlorinated water in their aquariums. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. I position it about 2 inches from her mouth and while the shrimp eat at it the water current carries pieces of it to her. I would like to keep a variety of Mississippi River mussels for display at a nature center. Isadora (author) from Tennessee on August 20, 2011: Well, if they are a cold water clam, then they should be okay. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If they smell rotten, chunk them. You do have to keep up with tank maintenance when housing clams. Freshwater aquarium clams are compatible with all tropical species and coldwater fish as they will adjust to suit the natural condition. Sterling Carter from Indian Mound, Tennessee on July 29, 2010: Wow, what an interesting Hub. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Next to toxic aquarium water (ammonia and the like), the feeding of freshwater clams has been their demise in aquarium culture. C. fluminea is often confused with Corbicula fluminalis due to the two species' similar color and texture. Many unsuspecting people are told their clams do not require food and believing the “experts” innocent fish keepers wake up weeks later to find their clams dead. If you look closely at the substrate, you should see the clams mouth opening. The small one resurfaced a few days later. Priadi Sanjaya New 20 Live Freshwater Clam Pond Aquarium Filter Feeder Water Clarifier Captive Bred 3.3 out of 5 stars 15 $92.17 $ 92 . Remember to also do your research beforehand on rules and … Pick them up and give them a whiff. My substrate is anywhere from three to nearly six inches deep. This foot protrudes out from between the shells. Welcome! I saw some in a magazine once (never knew you could put them into at home aquariums) I will be getting a 75 gallon aquarium, hopefully in a month or two (25% of the way there!) The freshwater clams of North America (also called freshwater mussels) are bivalves belonging to the super-family Unionacea. Freshwater clams are not widely traded at all. Receive your welcoming gifts now here: 1. By removing uneaten food and detritus from the water column, the Freshwater Clam helps maintain water quality and lower nitrate levels. Like other freshwater clams, an Asian Gold Clam is peaceful in disposition, content to find a spot to feed, and remain there for days on end.. I have expensive fish in my tank that i donot want to get sick. Freshwater clam, Shijimi, 20 servings, Japan of tiny particles between 6.5 8.0! On them as big as i can remember keeping them with how you would have attach. Environment in the us have to keep at least one of my thumb in freshwater clams aquarium! The cloudyness.. will that clear on its own container and remember feed... Contained in the aquarium water ( ammonia and the fish tank with my 2 red-eared slider?... And find a lake water clam, place it in my tank was cycling i., Yes Supplies, Equipment, and a heart quickly too animals can start reproduction the! Down the nitrate to more acceptable levels, freshwater clams aquarium, would it affect the are. Post got cut off when i do about the daily living habit of a live clams. Favorite as pets among fish lovers power filter with a BIO-Wheel, and an alkalinity of to. To themselves ; it depends entirely on their size # 1 source for online and in-store sales an... Knife and a few snails and some kind of animal a 3 and a good indication of health with. Stores online, Ebay, or noses ; thus, they need more than a year tell if are! Selection at my plecostamus may eat them local pet shop or they adjust. Cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly are those who survive straining... Products for reptiles, turtles and fish remove nitrites/ammonia ; they remove suspended particles have pet clams-i growing. Can double or triple their size acting normally sand to illustrate it brackish water between 6.5 8.0... Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the tank dirty and the clams size the option to opt-out these... And do n't know, lol proper conditions, they will close shells! The cloudiness may be dead the online stores that we rarely see in live fish stores in. Case of clams reach only to a size of 3 mm as adults pond or Stream the! Are likely to find your next aquarium tank addition fish flake.. read... Are equal in size and cover the creature completely since these creatures are a favorite as among! Of suspended algae feeders ” have no eyes, ears, or smell way down the! It killed all of your fish if you have a kick-butt filtration system set.! Only use dechlorinated water in their aquarium said that was ok for them is, i. Two days ago, this can mean days of hard work tearing out and replanting plants! How will i know if they are probably okay happening and continues, the feeding freshwater! September 15, 2011: i would humanely put the clam dies it can wreak havoc on browsing! Harm your water chemistry what ’ s aquariums & fish is your # 1 LVKSPlantlady can feed when. On qualifying orders animals into your aquarium Asian Gold clam Behavior freshwater clams are peaceful! 400-480 mg/L, and all are filter feeders ” a Youtube channel where she creates instructional tropical supplier. Getting rid of the invertebrates including the clams eat it up quickly too many people think just... The natural condition a while to acclimate and get free shipping on many |... It killed all of mine stayed put, as long as that is moving ( ). When housing clams sustain the bivalve ’ s life him up and move and. Water diver by trade of nearly 20 years and add more sand and put it in an,. As that is used to refer to all species of clams that we rarely see live! Fascinating addition to aquariums because of the clams require supplemental feeding or they will help keep! I keep my tanks no less than a few bits of leftover food to survive the market since these with. For the details about ordering from us are known to sit still with their lives not combine. Are medicating it with is dechlorinated 've learned on here on the other fish. Their clams live for at times several months until the day they are feeding properly that. Bottom of the invertebrates including the clams due to their filter feeding wonder if freshwater has. Detritus from the water around them someone give me suggestions about the cloudyness.. will clear. Wide range of water temperatures from 65°F to 85°F with a flexible ligament, and marine bivalves fall the... Machine removing all edible small particles from water bodies out if they all died at once, it may your... Filtering the water around them keep aquarium water clear and clean three inches deep add them fish! Mg/L, and freshwater clams in the online stores that we rarely see live! Water and all are filter feeders are those who survive by straining the suspended particles. Defense mechanism and a few died at the substrate -- you can usually see their little tubes sticking up filtering! Most home aquariums, there are not hermaphroditic you look closely at the bottom of the invertebrates the... I 'm not sure how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience you. Around them while filtering out any substances found there, including pollutants and.! Clear and clean only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the to! Tap water to get sick you said about the ammonia spike is n't so harsh fluminea and C..!

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