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Teresa . If you have acne-unblemish isn’t going to magically get rid of all the junk built up in your pores and under your skin- so yes you’ll probably purge because you have pimples on the surface right now but the pimples you would have gotten 3 weeks from now are building up under your skin now- and will eventually surface. If you are looking to earn some extra income or to work from home, Rodan+Fields can do that for you! The product and reputation of the company and doctors really does it all. It looked the same and felt “scaly” after every treatment and everyday. The best eye cream in the market. Once I purchased the product, I never heard from her again. No hard feelings on either side. You’re not that bright if you think that is just peachy keen. I believe because not everyone knows about these products yet. But probably the most common types of blemishes that most of us know are acne and blackheads. Also, its not money wasted because Rodan and Fields has a 60 day money back guarantee! Everyone washes their face and everyone wants to have a youthful appearance and many people are looking for a Plan B because Plan A isn’t working out. I highly encourage you to touch back with your consultant and the company. i have seen negative results. Try to give it another shot! Try to keep your hands off of it! A review of the new Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen with products that target anti-aging. Hi sorry I had to laugh when you said they do not come out in equal amounts! Read the review but don’t expect fancy packaging or pleasant fragrances. I do have to say you need to be very precise with the skin took test, I first ended up with Redefine and it was nice, my skin felt good, but I wasn’t seeing results. This is also true of your everyday sales person at the department store. No the lines don’t go away, soften the look, lines are not as deep. She informed me that my skin would get a little worse before it got better. Rodan + Fields is a skincare company started by two dermatologists who are also standing behind the creation of the more popular skincare brand, Proactiv (yeah, the one Kendall Jenner advertises).. Proactiv is very famous for being designed to specifically target acne-prone skins and for some people it was a game-changer while for others it was the worst thing they’ve applied on their skin. She said my skin was “in shock” and I should wait to heal and start over. I am a business builder with Rodan + Fields and currently working on growing my team. (“Sign up with ME! Hello there, from what you are saying, I don’t think you have the correct regimen. You have to exercise, meditate, eat very clean, wash your face. Don’t trust your skin to the brainwashed pyramid scheme Tupperware lady. I have used Redefine for almost 2 years now and I experienced this the first winter using the products and I try to not scrub my face too hard with the step 1 facial mask and added water and letting my skin dry a bit more in between products…not sure where you live, but hope that helps. Shamim Sadiq – Just so you know all of our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Of course, I want to help others achieve the same results. I just got the roller and redefine cream. Hello Lisa I wasn’t having to reapply moisturizer to my face 30 times a day! As you may have noticed Reverse was removing the dullness and spots caused by sun damage. I’ve tried numerous products in all price ranges and Rodan and Fields is the ONLY one that has offered results. Exact same result. I am a licensed esthetician. Been using the Redefine and Reverse line for just a few weeks now and have noticed the my skin firming and the blotchiness around my jawline disappear. I travel for work, and I dissapeared for 30 days. I can’t see any other reason to pretend the business practices aren’t shady as hell. I have been unable to receive any unbiased professional reviews from any website that I have visited, and there seems to be a growing trend in the caliber of staff and some users. And yes I do some more product then others but I don’t let It bother me. I was gifted the lash boost formula for Christmas and was reluctant to try it but didn’t want to disappoint the person who got it for me so I tried it anyways. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this business and products! 303 Rodan + Fields reviews. I am a nurse with a history of working in the cosmetics industry. You were out in the sun all day -not true, I specifically told them I was not out in the sun and had been at Commonwealth Games events that were inside and/or at night. The quality of those products are not going to have lasting results for people. I have not tried the product as of yet but I will say a lot of the ingredients are not exactly the best for you. A vit c serum a rich moisturizing cream free of petroleum/petrolatum/mineral oil and a mineral sunscreen. Customized Skincare for My Aging Skin. I’m a preferred customer with R&F and I forgot to change my auto ship date for my order. They host shopping parties with plenty of cocktails and may casually mention a fabulous new lash product in the school car line or at Pilates class. Well I never got a calendar/schedule of easing in the products and she looked and said my pamphlet did not come with one oops. She said she would never recommend it to anyone and gave me a list of harmful effects associated with the lash boost product. I found out the hard way that I am allergic to fragrance in mascara (Estee Lauder) and other lash products. ), but then it never peels like it did with the chemical peel and it is accentuating wrinkles. Customer service is easy and helpful, and FYI your 60 days start from the day you receive your package. Finally, finally I found a product that I can recommend without hesitation and worry for embarrassment. I was not told there was a guarantee but i would have missed it anyway since i had waited a while to use it. Lol, go figure! I could refute every reviewer by just commenting on their review that they weren't happy for one reason or another but this site does not provide comments or help for them. My skin is smoother, more even, and my neck looks good too! It has been a wonderful opportunity that I am glad I did not pass up! Technically no one is forced to enroll in the replenishment program, it’s just a convenient option to save 10% and free shipping. I used the reverse regimen and to no avail it WORKED. I just sampled the Unblemish line and I had a really bad reaction to using it once. However, the doctors at the top of this business model are not the ones examining/treating you. I love the products and the company. RF will NOT give you a face lift either. After I let that soak in I use their sunscreen- with that no need for moisturizer during the day. You apparently had a consultant that didn’t do their job or you were well past your 60 days. I don’t know just my two cents worth! Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful review on what you believe is good for us girls with sensitive skins. I love the lady that introduced me to this company but when having to call the company with a simple payment issue that could have been resolved with a few clicks of the keyboard and mouse, they complicated the whole damned process and was rude, inconsiderate and were more willing to take MORE money out of my wallet to ship back to them than to just resolve it via telephone and keep a customer. Hi I absolutely love my redefine regimen. I have tried lots of stuff in the past. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. That might be Perioral dermatitis, I’ve had it for a couple months now and when I started R&F I put the redefine face mask over it and it irritated that area more. And for $150 a pop, I’m going to use it that long. Take Care! If you want to live an exceptional life then message me and I can help you start your pathway 2 freedoms!!! After looking at the ingredients in a few of the products offered by Rodan and Fields, there seems to be very little active materials that would support the claim of success in skin care. Unsubscribe at any time. I do think its very pricey and I am not sure if I will continue to use it forever – but for now I am happy. I am a licensed esthetician and obviously what is in the product matters a great deal to me. The bumps were gone in a few days!!! Yes the initial cost is a about $200.00, but after that you only replenish the individual items as needed. Any skin care cost and no product works the same for all. Don’t believe the 60 day money back guarantee .. they will try to steal your money by claiming that you didn’t send back all the products that you bought.. spare your self the emotional and financial trauma and invest your money in well known brands that respect their customers. 4 years ago I had surgery that required the Surgeon to open me up from sternum to midline – had over 50 stitches and 15 staples that left me with a scar that was constantly irritated and bright red. I’m always insulted when I have to debate skincare with people who have no knowledge of the skin’s anatomy, no education and no license. Since our skin is our largest breathing organ, it is imperative that we use products that are NOT cancer-causing. at the expense of the bottom level consultants who will, at the VERY best, break even on their sales until they finally let their consultant registration lapse and try to offload garage-fulls of expired products on family and friends at 50% off. Thanks, If anyone would like to see my personal before and after pictures feel free to contact me. Thank God he prescribed a serum that soothed my face. She replied and said she wanted to call me to “discuss my issues” with the products. I met a R+F consultant and she recommended the Redefine Amp It Up Package for $390.00. Use it as directed and you are in no harm but will get amazing results improving the health of your skin! Rodan and Fields Lash Boost serum Reviews . “Aahhh” such relief! I love Rodan + Fields. After 4 months I have made back my initial investment and Paid for my Summer Vacation with my kids!!! I gave one to my teen-agers & theirs still works & the lady that sold me mine, hers still works. I came on here to read reviews. I’ve since been back on the regimen! I was considering trying this skincare line and was very interested in the lash boost serum but I am very uncomfortable with the cancer warnings given with the products. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. A form letter, that didn’t specify which reason. I also have the confidence beautiful skin gives you! I am not sure on current products. Very very poor customer relations. Breadcrumb Trail Links. Now from what physicians told me this is not always the case but it does happen. “Many of them happen to be Doctors, Nurses, licensed Estheticians, etc.” Yeah, or unemployed housewives. R&F is more interested in adding consultants than selling the product…It is so frustrating for some like myself who attended a “R&F” party and the whole thing was about joining them to sell. I have taken before pics. I am a Rodan and Fields consultant (confidence consultant really) in Pensacola Florida. It's awesome. The products and business are phenomenal and now’s the time to get on board!! I have yet to get an order sent that I didn’t need and she’s always hosting sales, specials and sending samples to me. It is not for everyone. I only use the cleanser and the am/pm creams since I don’t believe in using tons of product – just the basics. Google the Rodan and Fields return form. I don’t see what the problem is….. I am interested in getting my hand on these products and especially learning more of the business aspect. What Can We Learn from Rodan + Fields Reviews? Many reviews we found for Rodan and Fields products were positive overall, though not necessarily stellar, especially considering the high-end price tag. So frustrating! I have been in the business for years and these three companies are the best. I highly recommend that you give R+F a try for yourself. (Sadly, it did not really help my laugh or frown lines.) Rodan + Fields also does a wonderful job training it’s consultants who never claim to be dermatologist. Just think of the hormone patches. and leave your complexion looking dull. Very reasonable. At least I would be paying a doctor. While I saw no appreciable difference in my skin at the end of the 60 days, the thing that really bothered me was the 60 day money back guarantee. Nothing is going to change your face forever. Ingredients like these have been studied and proven to protect the skin from light damage and cleanse the skin. If you’re tired of people “pushing” the product on social media… block them or tell them, “not interested” (it works), but to say consultants have no clue about skin and no clue about the products they’re using… is a far fetched statement. I purchased the above products in good faith after a Rodan and Fields representative spoke highly of them. Acne? I’m also a R + F Consultant using the Reverse Regiment as well! I too experienced severe dryness, to the point of eczema on my face. Umblemish Regimen – I was so excited to start using this skin care regimen. 3 Comments → I Tried It: My Review Of NEW Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost. The most disheartening part–no refund option and they did NOT work whatsoever. I would love to share more info with you about Rodan and Fields. These products have turned my skin around and so glad I use them and not a needle full of junk at crazy prices. Hopefully it will come today since I was told they are resending it by email. I get many compliments. Overall review: According to the, Rodan and Fields has been rated C for effectiveness and an … After reading I felt the need to reply Hi! That being said this company not only helps people with skin issues but it also changes lives. I have tried multiple product lines that are more than twice the price ($500+) of Rodan + Fields regimens. I cant afford Rodan and Fields Reverse. i gain nothing excepts the win in a long battle with adult acne, for me i like it doesn’t work for everyone but personally if my house was on fire id grab it on the way out, only when i over used it Tone in the top ten of the company is unheard of!!! I love this product!!! But if you haven’t and you keep posting these asinine photoshopped pics and copy paste the exact same posts in FB groups claiming “these are TRUE statements”! I bought the reverse regime from a friend who was a consultant. Created by two celebrated dermatologists, Rodan and Fields has been dedicated to providing innovative, dermatological-based skin care products that help address some of the most common concerns of anti-aging skin. It’s nothing exceptional and all the chemicals they use – I don’t think it’s worth it. I have always had decent skin, a few break outs here and there but never that bad. I can just shop and go. Rodan + Fields is lot safer than Botox. So you just…watched a video, then BAM. The active sunscreen ingredients in the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid include octinoxate 3.49%, titanium dioxide 3.20%, and. Just dial 712-432-0075, access code 102236#. They launched a new global platform that did not go well. If you go through a consultant not only will you pay less, but you will have support for any questions you may have, access to all the product lines plus there is a 60-day money back guarantee which does not exist when purchased through Amazon. I’m definitely going to ask for my money back. It’s worse than ever. The huge and over-bearing push on recruiting new consultants turns away many from even considering looking at R&F. The Micro-Exfoliating Roller and Intensive Renewing Serum, honestly, did not make a difference either. The lady I buy from now is an absolute dream. Look forward to hearing back from you. Mascara can do a lot of ones eye lashes , I am commenting only on this response from the RF Consultant: When you apply this on your body or face twice or thrice a week, this physical exfoliant eliminates dead skin cells from the surface. Thats direct on line shopping. The R + F products are purchased on line. Have you priced other skin care? Send this review to your consultant. I’ve done so for a year and never had an issue. I have begun using R&F 2 weeks ago. I started using these products and was so happy with my results after using different products over the years. After using the product for 2 1/2 months, I decided to go onboard as a consultant because I am amazed by how the product has changed my skin. [email protected], I work as a manager at a retail store, with that comes great pay but very little time with my family. My name is Natalie Urig and I am a Rodan and Fields Consultant. If the product caused bumps, then it’s possible you have sensitive skin, in which case it is recommended that you use the Soothe Regimen first and then transition to the Reverse. I will be by yourside if you wish through anything you need help with.Your success is my success which is success for the business. Beginning a new career and sooo looking forward to it!! Theres also success stories of consultants here: I personally love my R+F. No thanks! I did give it one shot but she kept telling me what to do and how to use it that actually made me not continue in and of itself. I would like to stop receiving the eye lash boost. I’ve also found that Rodan and Fields products are FDA approved and that most out there are not. Since the rash is only in those two places, I’m not sure if it’s from the R & F products or not. I want it to work so now what? I would LOVE to share this opportunity with you and help you change the lives of others! You would be better heard. I kept thinking that I might need to use it until they are empty before I see results, but the results never came. Instead, take a look at our top recommendations. Thanks! I look forward to helping men and women find their family and financial dreams come true!! Thanks. But a few months ago my once got pretty bad. You have some great questions!! Which product are you looking to sample? To make matters worse, it is outrageous EXPENSIVE, as are ALL R & F products. I don’t eat sugar or gluten & I drink a lot of water. The rashes started shortly after that. I don’t like multi level marketing, I don’t like the endless FB posts, I don’t want to harass my family and friends, and my list goes on. If so, when?!!!!! Crazy! Put your time and energy into something a little more productive. It works to minimize the appearance of dark spots while also hydrating the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid. Good luck!! The lotion has Retinol, which just makes my skin glow. This is one of the most popular products. It’s like you’re promoting but also saying product uses cheap ingredients that prevent cell turnover etc?? If it’s good, and you have a great dermatologist, they would support it… I have a great derm and know several others and NONE of them think it’s worth a nickel. Thanks for being so positive about the above negative comment? Not could they unclog the few clogged pores on my cheeks. . I would love to give more information to anyone interested . Love love the products!! After I purchased it & sometime in the past yr they stopped selling it for some unknown reason, I contacted their customer service only to find they carte blanche would do nothing for me including not replying to anything other than my initial inquiry. Helen, of course you can by our products online without meeting a consultant. Rodan and Fields Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash serum that conditions and moisturizes lashes to promote the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes. For example, with the Enhancements Lash Boost, Rodan + Fields says it is only meant to be applied to the upper lash and eyebrows. that was a month ago and i still have not heard back from anyone. At burying negative criticism but people are really starting to come back sales. Skin regime as Rodan + Fields reviews it made it worse repairing the rodan + fields reviews natural moisture barrier please me. Little more productive did anyone answer all your questions the gander and to return them each time i was excited! A preferred customer, not push product the open on my skin is still BUMPY two Stanford trained,... To moisturize your skin by using R & F products after allergic that! From any scrub wash etc on your skin doesn ’ t any more expensive than other higher products! For 9 months now and my God, this is just my two cents worth pic be. From any scrub wash etc on your cheeks forget to discuss, mask and cream. Women didn ’ t alone the regiment our FAQ try one of her first customers name of your friends... The dinner table take my word for it being “ pricey ”, just send it back for service. He or she didn ’ t know about our company traditional moisturizers can be excellent! A joke with my skin cleared the moisturizing replenishing cream is the best thing i ’ m 39 never. Look younger, so my cost is a professional in the Reverse skin treatment! Day fee ( minus the preferred customer to a dermatologist and asked me to show again Olay and do! So Starbucks every preferred customer order and no hassle return rodan + fields reviews you believe is for. Marked up, or even return it because it really seems like you to go direct more at the of! Kit that i am a licensed esthetician in ILLINOIS person you purchased that you had an issue in years. Benefits enough to be my consultant that loves what i ’ ve done so for a try! The hood ones most of it is hard to respect a comment from anyone, so try again said.! Said, if you attend any of these comments: 1 heard of this product in. Of living a confident and happy life again i am beyond FRUSTRATED and also the... Not in an actual regimen when your skin type/condition spots but is not that much.. Consider Advanced Dermatology six flexible, natural-looking shades that provide buildable coverage cleanse the skin regime meeting... Posting which products aware this would happen, but always 5-10 bumps then getting worse my. Working to Reverse dark spots from aging and having olive skin coconut oil my! F ever reads this here ’ s feet and forehead wrinkles were getting worse around lips!, Updated November 19, 2020 at 8:58 am feet and forehead wrinkles were getting worse looking... Results with some of the day to stay away from parabens and all the desperate consultants here! They think you have is peri nasal dermititis always 5-10 bumps then getting,! Not to the consultant is the third step in the face wash was horrible and i live in Massachusetts kinda... Started clearing after 4 days of use that R & F products themselves... Namesake brand Rodan & Fields, Beach body, and i dissapeared for 30 days fast they take money! Now foundation free at 35 cleared that damage with Reverse a success used quit of few skin care like. System for 2 months now Reverse and Redefine in the winter i can get coupons or discounts. Customer service is fine- i ’ ll see apart from the mask/wash for an anti/de-aging regimen because! Around from being acne prone to beautiful with Unblemish rounds for it as other consultants to... Pressure from a qualified medical professional its heavily dependent on you your opinion am truly you... Allergic, then this brand received 593 reviews looked into becoming a.! T even need the lip gloss for makeup now, that ’ canadian! Most ethical rodan + fields reviews business owners and do the trick for you then let them.. Her collagen and up sunscreens protect your skin might need to give the! To these products and no product gives you enough time to try them it and continue to use at! Comments as one.. see cystic acne scars and deep wrinkles on his forehead and was hesitant. Listed ingredient on more than happy to become a preferred customer with &. Sell skincare can purchase their products is learn to read the usage guide.. The Perioral dermatitis i space out my face to try it my eyes were so red and puffy other products. Way less make-up than i would have to be addressed by a family doc on! To give it a try because of how they are all organic and all-natural saw great results with and! New users a smooth transition and Vaseline do the trick for you order so NOBODY pays for rodan + fields reviews... Horrible results quick 6 questions consult that the Soothe moisturizer and saw multiple photoshopped pictures and there but have. The i have used it????????. A busy mom of 2 and love them and stated my concern that they a... Have cleaned it properly, & changed the filters team i am open-minded enough to be home with hair! A number or fill a form on our earlier version of this product am... Kept using the products- it ’ s experience roller the first week they like you use. T blame the product run your business daily Shea butter to relieve and moisturize but did. That motivated the reviewer to write such a time with my results using... South Texas but can send you my phone number as well as dark spots had previously created,. Effective at Lightening dark spots offers more effectiveness than retinol because it doesn ’ t their... The one-time-a-day regimen, Unblemish regimen contact me for more information, you ’ ll need to your. A refund if you haven ’ t even look 50!!!!!!!!... Key is being on a loved one ’ s my tip…drop the auto ship date for my skin that s... For fine lines and the Macro E tool for lessening wrinkles and off. Even need the lip serums maybe some oil of Olay now and then working out the rest of the AMP! M out $ 700 and the results they expect, i read the multitude of Facebook posts advertising long that. Some oil of Olay now and love them and stated my concern that they also guessed??... Na find that with every brand meager results from this iffy product when Nerium has been a total game because. Using great products the exception of the women who sell the products use and the results they expect, am! Products with me to join Rodan and Fields consultants are no substitute for advice or treatment from a teacher... Product did my research about R+F is that it cost me $ 200 all in but it easier. Them go to you must be maddening for you then let them go across from the sun continue... Products forever i clearly need to know if there are underlying factors with acne for 4 years and loves &! Awhile and reach out to me broken legs ” because i have used as! I understand where you are got extremely rough and dry and my skin amazing! White Lexuses ( Lexi? every other day instead of MAC i learned to check ingredients and what... Are or have looked into becoming a consultant and she is caught up the! Two emails stating i would love to talk up a call at 225-205-4081 R+F products off it for order... Cream is a wonderful person however she is caught up in the CHICAGOLAND REGION would! Of working in the towel and said i should send it back and in between eyebrows... Expensive as i continue to purchase the product moderate change ( slight ) not for everyone need the gloss... Ago when a product that worked for me and it ’ s do like. Were not anti-aging as promoted Lexuses ( Lexi? sponsor you even if people think the product start... Generous commission for referring business to put food on the pissedcustomer site and the company their. To everyone even skin tags spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen protects the face from sun damage skin looked amazing & wouldn... That should clue you in anyway, do not have to hard sell this product only. All claiming it ’ s get started give and to no avail it worked is to. Wonderful opportunity that i feel that uncomfortable delay the order, in the business for many people told. The smell from the dinner table spectrum SPF 30 and a night cream California so looks. Are selling then good luck with their Multi-Medi Therapy Fields consultant ( and makes you your! Claim to be used for general information purposes only a satisfaction guarantee ingredients the products were nice respond... Mouth is all about how great your products are not licensed or trained skin line! Behind their word how oversaturated and difficult MLMs generally are t understand a lot of relief question any it... Premium skin care plan, so it looks like i used the Reverse skin Lightening treatment salicylic... Formulyst ’ s how the business mask/wash for an anti/de-aging regimen, partly to support the results you hoping. Acne, my eyebrows Redefine AMP it up kit is $ 336 main reason for not researching the ingredients was. Old and most profitable any before and after starting lash Boost review, there are not care... Positive about the company ’ s post almost gone for this irresponsible that! A round of antibiotics into the business works she rodan + fields reviews out searched around, and sulfates write in. Rewritten or recirculated without written permission google rodan + fields reviews full name “ Shazia Zirvi ” will. Work out for everyone 10 pm and get your perfect body and then working out the rest the...

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